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iPads don’t belong in the math classroom

Matt Burns makes the case that iPads don't belong in math (and language arts) classrooms.

Should schools even bother implementing tablets in the classroom? Techcrunch’s Matt Burns makes the case that especially for younger math and language arts students the answer is NO. 

According to Burns, “There’s a place for interactive learning and there’s not. It’s a clear line. Give science and history teachers iPads loaded with demos, videos and soundbites. Allow children to pinch and zoom DNA strands and the inner workings of WWI trenches. But make my kids do math drills on paper with a dull pencil.”  He goes on to give the green light to social studies and science but makes the case for traditional lessons in other subjects.

Most of the people who comment on his Techcrunch article disagree with him and call him a Luddite. Pretty interesting conversation. What do you think?

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