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Student leads board meeting for iPad initiative

Student presents the advantages of the iPads at school board meeting

Everyone loves those memorable Steve Jobs iPad presentations but sometimes you don’t have to be an international icon to make an impact. We like the idea of a student presenting to the board about their tablet initiative. Maybe sometimes the best advocate is the one you are advocating for.

While just a brief presentation that didn’t seem to have a lot of data, Michael Harrigan of Monroe Township High School did provide an update of the schools use of tablet computers.  “This where we all take notes now.” said Harrigan. ” I can easily find every document I’ve ever taken notes on or my homework. It’s much easier than looking through a binder. There’s no ‘the dog ate my homework.’”

As tablet use continues, it would be great to see students presenting actual work and details on which apps the school uses. Why not have students share efficacy data using the devices they are piloting? That way you can make students part of the process to determine how and if tablets can best support educational goals.

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