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Finally Android in the classroom pilot results

Before you consider ipads in the classroom you might want to check out this report

iPad, iPad, iPad
-Android Brady

“All I hear all day at school is how great iPad did this or how wonderful iPad did that. iPad, iPad, iPad. ”  Do you ever think the other tablet makers feel like TV’s Jan Brady when it comes to tablets in the classroom? We do (if you didn’t get the reference we’ve included a youtube clip below).

Well, take heart overlooked technology, there is a new report that showcases Andriod tablets in the classroom. Yes. Android tablets in schools!  It’s 50 pages and it outlines step-by-step how one school deploys a class set of 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tablets running Android 2.2. So what’s the verdict on student impact? Read the Android in the Classroom report for yourself.  The price came to about $200 per student and there were a lot of positive highlights of the Andriod pilot. There were also some pretty serious technical problems including one that required the tablets to be regularly reset to factory settings! This ongoing issue led to lost data and caused frustrations for students and instructors alike. Still…

Although long, the report is a must read for anyone considering going the non-iPad route with their students


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