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Matt McCrea

Matt is a middle school STEM teacher and department chair in Prince George's County, Maryland. Outside of teaching, Matt consults for educational gaming and technology projects and is chairman of EdCamp DC. Matt blogs about teaching and leadership at matthewmccrea.com and tweets at @matt_mccrea.

Students Should Do the Heavy Lifting of iPad Setup

By: Matthew McCrea

A class set of 30 iPads has a huge setup cost that has to be paid before they're ever used. Even if I only take 5 minutes to set up each one, I'm looking at around 2.5 hours. Anyone that's ever taught knows that any free time is hard to come by, and an unallocated 2.5 hours is next to impossible to come across. I knew I had to start somewhere, so I


iPad Classroom Beginnings

By: Matthew McCrea

"Mr. McCrea, your iPads arrived today. All 30 are in the cart already." I had no idea what to say. For the last two months, I had planned for the 10 I wrote into the classroom grant, known what I would do with them and how I would integrate them into group projects in the class. With that one sentence, all of the planning I had done was all for naught, and I'd be going back to the drawing board.

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