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NTA submits for Social Innovation Award

Follow us as we get 100,000 tablets into the hands of prepared students and teachers.

So as many of you know, we have taken on becoming the leaders of tablet computers in the classroom.  We believe that with the proper access, pedagogy and teacher-driven implementation support, tablet computers can transform how teachers teach and students learn. To that end, we are committed to helping schools get 100,000+ tablets into the classroom. We have submitted for an Award offered by Teach For America to assist in the process.

We had to make a 5 minute video as part of the process which was fun. We used an iPad white board app (of course) called Explain Everything. It’s pretty cool. We just posted up the video about our tablet initiative here. Check it out and send feedback as we are always trying to improve our model to help students and teachers.  Also please follow us on Vator.

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Chris has a passion for education and health. After teaching at public schools for many years, he helped develop award winning remedial math software. He has also been involved as a board member with many non-profit education groups. He is currently a co-founder of two health information and insurance sites: Medicoverage.com and Senior65.com Google

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