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We're Identifying Best Practices for Implementing Tablet Computers

https://www.nationalteachersalliance.org/ This section is focused on collecting the best information about implementing tablet computers in schools. From expert advice to lessons learned from piloting schools, we aim to discover the true challenges and advantages of tablet computing technology.

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NTA submits for Social Innovation Award

By: Chris Mihm

So as many of you know, we have taken on becoming the leaders of tablet computers in the classroom. We believe that with the proper access, pedagogy and teacher-driven implementation support, tablet computers can transform how teachers teach and students learn. To that end, we are committed to helping schools get 100,000+ tablets into the classroom. We have submitted for an Award offered by Teach For America to assist in the process.


NTA, iPads and Cocktails

By: Katie Banks

The NTA recently hosted a cocktail party to gather teachers (and any others interested in progressive educational endeavors) to discuss our latest initiative: Educational App Reviews and iPad in the classroom. The results were very interesting.

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