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NTA to Launch Tablet Teacher Blogs

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Whenever we return from a classroom that has one-to-one iPads or any other type of tablets, the first thing teachers ask us is “what was it like?”  The tone of the question is not unlike that of a 6-year-old who has never been to Disneyland cornering a kid with fresh Mickey Mouse ears.  The “I cannot even imagine what it’s like but I know it’s exciting” type of question is so prevalent among teachers that we have decided to do something about it: 

Starting in March, the NTA will feature 5+ teachers who will blog about what they are doing (or not doing) with tablets in the classroom. 

Our bloggers may share all the agony and the ecstasy of trying to teach Irving Stone’s iBook, The Agony and the Ecstasy using tablets.  Or they may explain their deployment steps when 1600 new iPads showed up halfway during the year and what they would have done differently.  These regular updates will give everyone some insight into what a one-to-one classroom looks like.

While getting a insiders view to an iPad classroom may quench our curiosity, the real goal of these blogs is to expand the Ed-Tech community. Please give feedback, tips, encouragement, and constructive criticism to our bloggers so we can all learn and share from others experience.

CALLING ALL TABLET TEACHERS:Please email info (at) NTAmail.org if you are interested in contributing to our site’s blog. You must be willing to update at least once a month at a minimum.  You do not have to be super tech savvy or an established blogger to contribute. We have 5 blog slots for current k-12 classroom bloggers.  We also have 1 student slot and 1 administrator slot. Please include why you would like to contribute and a little bit about your classroom teaching situation.

UPDATE 3/10 We have already identified two of our teacher bloggers. ONLY 3 K-12 SLOTS LEFT!
UPDATE 3/20 Thanks for all the interest. We have a nice variety of teacher and administrator blogs. We have now just one teacher slot left.  We are looking for someone using tablets in primary classrooms or to teach music.


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