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Map of iPads in Schools

Comprehensive List of Top Schools iPad Adoptions

Ever wonder if the school down the road or the district in the next town is using Ipads in the classroom? Well, wonder no more. Eric Lai has put together a pretty comprehensive list of schools and districts that have adopted ipads. NTA’s goal is that schools and teachers share their successes and this a good tool to start the dialogue. So zoom in on the map below and start reaching out to administrators and teachers in these schools!

View School iPad & Tablet Deployments, Fall 2012 in a larger map

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Chris has a passion for education and health. After teaching at public schools for many years, he helped develop award winning remedial math software. He has also been involved as a board member with many non-profit education groups. He is currently a co-founder of two health information and insurance sites: Medicoverage.com and Senior65.com Google

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